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Give your career transformation a major boost! My “Career Kickstart” mini-course is designed to help you immediately TAKE ACTION on what you learn in my book. This is how you can quickly up-level your career to finally have the alignment, abundance, confidence, and extraordinary life you deserve. Inside, I’ll walk you through an eye-opening exercise to get crystal clear on your career AND life goals (so you can actually achieve them). You’ll assess the 10 dimensions of your career and create a “minimum checklist” to identify the job you truly desire. I’ll also teach you my 3 strategies for creating an unshakeable career mindset (and showcasing your value to future employers), how to overcome your limiting beliefs about money (and open yourself up to huge earning potential), and the hidden key to getting ANY job you want. By the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to secure your dream career, mental wellness, and SUCCESS!
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