Discover How To Climb The Corporate Ladder FAST!

Having Friends In High Places Is NOT A Requirement 

  • Learn the 10 dimensions of career circle (and how to use to evaluate your current career) (page 11)
  • Identify where your focus typically lands when looking for work (and how to direct it in a way that’ll make your search less stressful) (page 10)
  • 3 strategies & exercises to rise above your competition immediately (so you can have your top choice of career) (page 29)

An Open Letter To Anyone Who’s Unhappy With Their Career

If the only perk of your career is the paycheck, but you crave career satisfaction… this is the most important letter you’ll ever read. 

Most people measure success by their income and commit to an unfulfilling career. 

Or they’re too afraid to create change, so they settle in a career they don’t want. 

Maybe you’re afraid to scour the employment market…

Or maybe you’ve found yourself in a cycle of one unfulfilling job to the next - despite your best efforts. 

Here’s The Good News…

In many cases, a fresh & simple approach to career hunting is enough to achieve career transformation in record time. 

AND… It’s possible to find a career that’s the WHOLE package. You don’t have to sacrifice pay for purpose - or vice versa. 

Here’s why I know that to be true regardless of who you are, where you come from, or your professional experience:

Let’s set aside the fact that I’ve personally helped hundreds of professionals climb the corporate ladder to their ideal career.

Through that process, one glaring reality became painfully obvious:

Traditional career search methods set MOST professionals up to fail. 

Especially if your definition of success runs deeper than your wallet.

Like Most Of Us, I Never Got To Enroll In “The Best Way To Find Your Dream Career 101”

 Here’s the reality…
Here’s the reality… 

When it comes to career and business, it’s all about competition and victory. 

Everyone is competing for the lifestyle they want. 

Finding a meaningful & high-paying career is DESIGNED to be difficult - otherwise, there’d be fewer opportunities to stand out from the crowd and gain a position of true value. 

It isn’t ideal but it’s the truth, and as a result...

It’s easy to fall into dead-end work, starved for career satisfaction. 

The truth is, up to this point, you haven’t had the proper tools to find a career with all the bells and whistles.

So with that said, you don’t have to have it all figured out right now.

You just need to decide that you’re ready to discover what’s truly possible for your career. 

 My New Book Will Show You:

  • Identify & avoid career search mistakes you’ve in the past
  • ​Enjoy creating change in your career
  • Understand your skills that are your ticket to success 
  • Gain support from champions
  • ​Strengthen your mindset to overcome any career challenges
  • ​​Achieve confidence & pride as a professional
  • ​​Eliminate work related stress 
  • ​​Simplify your search for career satisfaction
  • ​​Accelerate your career advancement

My Name Is Edyta Satchell...

My Name Is Edyta Satchell...

I’m a global executive and Health Coach who helps others find balance and wellness in EVERY aspect of their lives, particularly through career fulfillment. 

Career Wellness Begins With 
A Shift In Focus

I once got rejected for a career opportunity because I was TOO prepared. 

It was then that I realized so many of my “failed” experiences with all kinds of different work opportunities had little to do with my abilities. 

The problem was my focus was fixed on the WRONG things for what I wanted to accomplish. 

It was important for me to have a career where I could grow in good time, be surrounded by people I like, and make a good living. I wanted to genuinely fit in with the company I worked for…

But I wasn’t taking any of this into consideration when I looked for work. 

All I could think about was how to impress my interviewer. I was a single mother with bills to pay. I just wanted to get hired somewhere, anywhere - and ASAP.

Once I switched my attention from fitting the mold of a company I wasn’t passionate about to being honest about my strengths, goals, and desires, everything changed. 

This Is About More Than Becoming A “Better” Candidate For Potential Employers

The career hunting method in my book works for anyone, regardless of experience or background. 

This process doesn’t require you to know the right people or how to be in the right place at the right time… you don’t even need to know what you’re passionate about. 

My system works SO well because it’s about facing yourself, discovering what you want, accepting you as you are, and landing the ideal career based on your existing strengths and dreams. 

Once you do this, here’s what will happen:

First, you’ll eliminate any fear of failing or not being good enough. 

This is crucial because without a clear and strong mindset, you aren’t capable of making the best decisions you can for yourself - professionally OR personally!

The next thing that’ll happen is this:

You’ll Attract Passion & Purpose To Your Professional Life

Achieving career transformation will become much easier AND faster. 

You’ll save time and stress by creating your own opportunities and repelling any position that doesn’t fit you like a glove. 

That’s right - you’re calling the shots now. 

The only interviews you’ll have lined up will have so much more to offer than a great salary - although it will be included. 

You’ll feel confident KNOWING the value you can bring to their company and every potential employer will see that NOT hiring you would be a total loss. 

With my book, you’ll do work that goes deeper than becoming a better candidate on paper.

You’ll learn the value of Career Wellness and how to live an extraordinary life full of purpose, passion, and motivation… STARTING with your career.

Now, let’s talk about...

Here's What Others Are Saying:

“I was first attracted by her engaging style and what proved to be a sincere willingness to help.
I had lost my job due to the pandemic, was at a crossroads personally and professionally and I was trying to identify in which direction I should go. There were other dimensions of my life which were out of sync, which I feared were impeding my career search.

“Working with Edyta, with the help of the guided course and assignments, I was able to identify
the source of some of these disconnects and develop action plans to work on them. This in turn empowered and excited me to take positive action. The coursework also encouraged me to give serious thought to setting life goals aside from my career and provided templates with which to track those goals.

“I can already see results in my approach to the job search, in my relationships and emotional wellbeing, and in my physical wellbeing as I no longer wake up in the morning with my heart and brain racing. I would absolutely recommend Edyta Satchell to all who are looking to effect positive change in their lives.”

-Elise Antonelli

“Working with Edyta has changed my life. She is very hands-on, always understanding the core of the issues, focuses on active rather than passive approach, provides immediate feedback,
understands her client’s needs and wants, and is just a wonderful person. I am so happy to have met and hired her! All aspects of my life have changed – I am much more confident, my career is on the right track, I’m actively engaged in my life – I’m a badass!”

-Marty Silber

Exactly What You’re Getting

First of all, this is different from any other "career search help book” you’ve ever read. This book is all about YOU.  

It's about helping you connect with your values, passions, and goals. 

This is how you achieve a balanced life with a career you love. 

And you’ll know exactly how to do it. 

Plus, this is a simple read.

At 54 pages, you can read it in an afternoon.

And you’ll immediately be ready to find new work with confidence and GET the career of your dreams. 

Here's What You'll Get:

  • How to develop an unshakeable mindset (so you can stay strong through uncertainty in your professional life) (page 42)
  • The most common career searching mistakes (and how to avoid them) (page 19)
  • 3 fundamental steps thousands of people have used to get their dream career (and how you can implement them into your own career hunt) (page 28)
  • How to identify your limiting beliefs (and break through them so you never have to settle for less again) (page 48)
  • ​​Learn the 10 dimensions of career circle (and how to use to evaluate your current career) (page 11)
  • ​​ Learn who you SHOULD be talking to for career opportunities (and avoid wasting time on people who won’t benefit your career) (page 20)
  • ​ How to identify the 2-millimeter distinction of what makes you better than others (so you can search for new work confidently in what you want & have to offer) (page 30)
  • The 20 steps required to career hunt “the old way” (and how to simplify this process) (page 15)
  • How to identify the champions in your life (and get their guidance to a better career path) (page 20)
  • 3 strategies & exercises to rise above your competition immediately (so you can have your top choice of career) (page 29)
  • The impact social media can have on your career hunt (and how to benefit from it as much as possible) (page 20)
  • How to identify the champions in your life (and get their guidance to a better career path) (page 35)
  • ​​Create an action plan (so you can efficiently track your progress & ensure you’ll land your dream career) (page 52)
  • ​The importance of asking for help AND offering it (and how it can propel you toward the right career) (page 36)
  • Identify where your focus typically lands when looking for work (and how to direct it in a way that’ll make your search less stressful) (page 10)
  • ​How to identify your two states of being (and get them both to work in your favor) (page 43)
  • ​...and so much more.

Here's what to do next

This eBook costs just $5.90, and you’ll get it right away as a download.

As soon as you place your order, you'll get an email with a link to download the book.

You'll be able to access it anywhere, immediately, whenever you want without having to lug around a hard copy or wait on the mail.

Oh, and in case you're wondering…

Yes, This WILL Work For You, Too!

This same process has helped thousands of people with various backgrounds, experience, and specialties get a career they LOVE. 

That’s because these tools focus on attracting the right career ideal FOR YOU.

The Cost Of This Book Is $5.90... But How Much Would It Cost NOT To Get It?

The traditional ways of looking for a career require a lot of sacrifice.

You spend hours searching for any career you can get your hands on...

Enduring long interview processes for careers you aren’t even excited about and that lead to further disappointment...

Whether due to rejection or ending up in another career that leaves you drained, dissatisfied, and eventually back on the market to repeat the cycle. 

When it comes down to it…

With the time spent on low-value positions disguised as opportunity and the toll taken on your personal wellness…

The cost to NOT give this book a shot is immeasurable. 
So right about now, you might be thinking, “This sounds too good to be true!”

But rest assured…

There Is No Catch

I've decided to give you this entire book for $5.90 so you can see for yourself how unbelievably easy it is to find the career of your dreams, regardless of who you are. 

I’ve packed as much value as possible into this little book in hopes that you’ll love it, get amazing results, and maybe even want to do more coaching with me down the road.

And lastly, even though I’m immediately sending you a copy of the book...


Of course there's a full money-back guarantee.

In fact, it’s….

The Most RISK-FREE Guarantee I Could Think Of

I 100% guarantee you'll love this book or I'll return your $5.90 and let you keep the book anyway.

That's correct. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you don't even have to send anything back. Just email me and I'll refund your purchase with no questions asked.

How's that for fair?

You Don’t Have To Wait Any Longer Or Try To Figure This Out On Your Own

Click the button below to order your copy today so you can discover what you’re truly capable of as a professional. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and wish you clarity, fulfillment and prosperity!

~ Edyta
P.S. Just in case you’re like me and skip to the end of these letters, here's the deal:

I'm offering you a 54-page book that outlines how to find your dream career way faster than you would using traditional career search methods.

The book is $5.90.

Inside, I’ll walk you through the exact 3-step process myself and hundreds of my clients from all different situations, backgrounds, and ages have used to find a career perfect for their goals, strengths, needs, and desires. 

There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not get signed up for anything else or get any annoying phone calls from a salesperson.

In fact, if you don't like the book, let me know and I'll refund your $5.90 immediately. You don't even need to send the book back.
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