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Here's A Fraction Of What You Will Learn:

  • 3 fundamental steps thousands of people have used to get their dream career (and how you can implement them into your own career hunt) (page 17)
  • ​How to identify your limiting beliefs (and break through them so you never have to settle for less again) (page 26)
  • ​Learn the 10 dimensions of career circle (and how to use to evaluate your current career) (page 6)
  • ​Learn who you SHOULD be talking to for career opportunities(and avoid wasting time on people who won’t benefit your career) (page 12)
  • ​How to identify the 2-millimeter distinction of what makes you better than others (so you can search for new work confidently in what you want & have to offer) (page 17)
  • ​The 20 steps required to career hunt “the old way” (and how to simplify this process) (page 10)
  • ​3 strategies & exercises to rise above your competition immediately (so you can have your top choice of career) (page 18)
  • ​The impact social media can have on your career hunt (and how to benefit from it as much as possible) (page 13)
  • ​How to identify the champions in your life (and get their guidance to a better career path) (page 20)
  • ​Create an action plan (so you can efficiently track your progress & ensure you’ll land your dream career) (page 30)
  • ​The importance of asking for help AND offering it (and how it can propel you toward the right career) (page 21)
  • ​Identify where your focus typically lands when looking for work (and how to direct it in a way that’ll make your search less stressful) (page 7)
  • ​How to identify your two states of being (and get them both to work in your favor) (page 25)
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